Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coldplay's Next Album!

What does it say about me when I get even more excited about Coldplay's next album just from the following sentence: "The lyrics are darker, dealing with recurring themes of death and loneliness."

Rolling Stone went behind the scenes with Chris Martin and the band to discuss the fourth album. Here's the link to that article - Coldplay-4th-album

Once, an intern walked over to my cubicle and said he too likes "Got Put A Smile Upon My Face" and asked if I knew they (Coldplay) had other songs...whole albums? Heh. I got the point, but to be fair I didn't realize I had played it so many times that day. Maybe that doesn't make it fair, but he was an intern. So shut up. And get me coffe and copy things for me. Just kidding. He was cool. How could he not be...he liked Coldplay.

Not sure when the album will be released, but I hope the following song makes the final cut:
"'Reign of Love' A lovely layered compostition of piano, bass and organ that backs fairytale lyrics."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quarterlife, eh

I watched parts 1-9 of Quarterlife online and didn't hate it. I watched it's premiere on NBC last night and was doing something else at the same time (Sudoku, like always) so I wasn't totally paying attention. Now I've watched it for a third time and have some real opinions. The third and final viewing of the first TV episode was watched at work with the co-workers during lunch. We are a witty, attractive bunch and love to snark on pop culture, TV, music, etc. We also really appreciate a good show. However, a bad show leads to some hilarious lunches! Today was quite funny. Which means you've probably already guessed how I feel about the show? If you can't figure it out you should really watch some Murder She Wrote and Columbo reruns.

Here goes:
1. They are very self involved. One or two like that in a group might be acceptable, but all of them?
2. They like to say "I am in love with.." Is this elementary school? You like a boy and immediately you LOVE him? Is Jeb going to pull Debra's hair in Sunday's episode?
3. Dylan is a writer and therefore must tell the truth and be all honest. She's saying horrible things about her friends, putting videos of them on the does that make her a writer? She's mean. That's what she is.
4. They are trying so hard to be deep that they are annoying. What is happiness? Maybe this was supposed to be funny (although probably not), but they are so depressing it comes across funny in a bad way and I want to throw things at the television set.
5. Oddly enough, I didn't want to throw things at the computer when I watched the same part or scene referenced above online. I think when I watched it online I didn't expect as much. Sad to say but the quality level was lowered. A lot. I didn't realize that until the transition to TV.
6. Debra needs a brush. Dylan needs to shop for work clothes.
7. Why must Debra make out with boyfriend Danny in front of Jeb when she knows how Jeb feels about her yet claims she is ok with how he feels? Then in the karaoke scene she's between both guys and leans her face against Jeb's shoulder? Mixed signals much? I actually think they are all so self absorbed they probably don't mean to hurt each other but will they ever realize they are hurting each other? How are they all friends??

Ugh. I suppose that's enough. It just is what it is. Maybe it should be left on the internet (based on the ratings that's likely to happen and fast). On my TV screen I expect more from Zwick and Herskovitz - I expect Once & Again, My So Called Life and so on and so on. I give them credit for creating something new and doing so on the internet. I only wish they did it better.

Seriously though, why video blog about your friends like that?? If you wouldn't say it to your friend's face then don't say it in an email (it's never going to come across right), don't say it in a blog and don't don't don't say it via video blog.

That is all.

No... one more the sibling who knocked my scarf down the stairs and didn't pick it up and almost made me miss my train because I had to run around looking for said scarf...I know where you sleep. Remember that.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Target or not to Target?

I'm disappointed in the Target circular, or rather weekly ad as they call it, this week. Knowing that I'm saving money and not dropping the usual $40-ish bucks at Target on a Sunday should make me happy; it does not. I love Target and don't like not having a reason to go. You see, when I'm there for something I need or my shampoo that I don't need more of but the sale is so good...I inevitably end up making careless purchases that do bring me happiness. Just going with the purpose of making careless purchases cannot be justified. At all.

I suppose I'll go to the library and focus on writing. Yes, library and not
a hip coffee house. I live on Long Island and we just don't roll that way. We have Starbucks after Starbucks, but I always feel like sitting in one makes me want to come off as pretentious in the eyes of the coffee drinkers meeting up It's really not a look I can or want to convey. I had no problem sitting and writing in the Starbucks a block away from my apartment when I was living in the city. One gets cool points added to their daily tally for doing that in NYC.

My other reason for going to the library is simple- I don't think I'll be able to connect to the internet. I checked and the libraries say the have wireless connections (it's Long Island not some backwards out of touch with modern technology area). It's just the library sites mention filling out some card or something to connect. That's all I need is to give in my last name and set off alarms for all the books the Nestors never did return. I'm sure the library would go into
immediate lock down and the scary elderly woman behind the counter would demand payment. Since I have the 40-ish bucks that are not being spent at Target I'd have to fork it over. Damn. Therefore I won't attempt to connect and will be forced to write. Sounds like a decent plan. But can I bring coffee into the library? Hmmm.

The picture above is from "Better Off Dead." That paperboy might be the only debt collector scarier than a librarian!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I told you you could do worse…

(That was said by Sandy Cohen to Ryan Atwood in the pilot and the season one finale)

A year ago today the last episode ever of The OC aired. I’m not going to say it doesn’t feel like a year has passed because it actually does feel like that much time has gone by. Last year I was headed to a lovely apartment to watch the finale with my gals. It was sad on many levels. We spent every Thursday night together for years and we knew that was ending. It was as though we knew for whatever reason – work, friends, life – we’d never be able to schedule time together with such ease. Watching The OC together was more than just watching a show together. It was a time to unwind, break bread and share copious amounts of Pinot and/or Chardonnay with each other. This was different from other nights because we shut out the world and welcomed the Cohens and the rest of Newport into our world. There was Thai, fresh margs, desserts, a Bailey’s run when we realized we were short on alcohol, pausing more than once for a Fresh Direct delivery (hey what better time to schedule than on a Thursday night…someone would be there!), endless bottles of Pinot, Mexican food added to the menu in season 4, tap dancing, watching but pretending to help pack skis for a vacation, squeezing 4 of us on the couch during moments when we needed to be close and no one wanted to sit alone on the chair, yelling at the screen when the show pissed us off (hello season 3 and Johnny!), crying when we were moved, smacking each other (guilty) when things were tense and it goes on and on.

And yes I know, the show wasn’t always on Thursday night. But whatever night and time FOX aired the show before the Thursday night move, well we were there for that too.

I’ve tried and tried to only pick 5 all-time favorite episodes, but can’t do it. You know like when asked which 5 movies you’d bring if on a deserted island? Well, seeing as how said deserted island doesn’t have the means to play the movies I think I can tweak the answer a bit and make the list with 23 of my can’t live without episodes. They aren’t really in favorite order. I think going through each episode each season and picking my favorites tells the story better. Feel free to disagree and keep it to yourself….I kid.

  1. The Pilot. I remember watching all of the commercials FOX aired that summer and thinking, psssht. What shit. I’m too old for teen dramas. And then I watched that summer and knew before the first commercial break that I was hooked. This show was smart, witty and had a kick ass setting.
  2. The Model Home. Marissa didn’t suck. Her problems were real and her attitude made sense. One of my all time favorite scenes will forever be Ryan, Seth and Marissa in the yard of the model home….Seth skate boarding in the empty pool, Ryan sharing a bit about his life and learning more about Seth, Marissa and the world they came from. Plus the Jimmy Cooper borrowing 100 grand from Kirsten was awesome. She just had that money….to lend. And it was HER money. This was a crazy place.
  3. The Homecoming. Kirsten can’t cook, Seth has two ladies, an absolutely hilarious kitchen fight with Caleb, Julie, Jimmy, Sandy, Kirsten, Rachel…, Fresh margs?!... I don’t feel so good. Heh. Ryan did musicals in Chino.
  4. The Secret. Luke’s big gay dad and You (Kirsten) kissed Jimmy Cooper? So much in one episode.
  5. The Best Chrismukkah Ever. The title says it all.
  6. The Heartbreak. Kirsten makes me really like Valentine’s Day. I could do without Theresa, but Ryan telling off Marissa and her bangs was wonderful. And Sandy? Sigh. He’s perfect.
  7. The Ties That Bind. You knew they’d all be together next year or umm the show is no more. But still. Can you honestly watch Kirsten break down at the end and not cry with her? Seth’s explaining his life pre Ryan to Summer. Sandy sitting with Ryan in the pool house, “I told you you could do worse.” Seth telling off Marissa at the not-the-Peach-Pit-diner, Kirsten and Ryan’s hug. Seth unable to say bye to Ryan.
  8. The Distance
  9. The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t. The kitchen scene alone was worth all the Lindsay drama.
  10. The Rainy Day Women. Welcome back Sandy. It will take some time, but we’ll all forgive him. The Spiderman kiss, eh. The opening scene with the rain, Blind Melon, Ryan and Seth not wanting to get wet was one of the best openers (teasers).
  11. The Showdown. Julie Cooper’s dress when she showed up in the morning to talk to Kirsten…only Julie dressed like that and it was acceptable! Sandy and Kirsten’s kitchen scene and then the car crash. Ouch!
  12. The Dearly Beloved. Get your hands off of me! The vodka bottle crashes to the ground. All of the Sandy and Seth scenes. All were amazing. The actually not cheesy intervention (I hadn’t seen or cried at one since Party of Five)….Cringing when Kirsten told Ryan, “I let you into this house.” Ryan responds – “Yeah you did because my own mom couldn’t take care of me. Because she wouldn’t get help even though I asked her to. I don’t want to see that happen again to someone I love.” And then Seth makes Kirsten break down. Rip my heart out. And we still had the shooting. That scene alone kept the roomies and me up all night…is he dead??? No the blood fell this way not that way. We were so CSI that night. And we don’t watch CSI. It was so intense we couldn’t even sleep. But we did. It was a long summer.

I’m not going to say anything for most of the season 3 episodes. Most were not good. Lots of anger was unleashed from us gals. What happened to Kirsten? She was a favorite and so very strong in season one and two and then gone and zombie like in season 3? Charlotte? The fruck? Marissa was never believable. Johnny should’ve died after his first episode. Free Marissa? Please, Donna Martina Graduates was way better. Way. Adam Brody obviously didn’t want to be a part of the show anymore. Could you blame him? I’d phone in my acting, too. Volchock? Ugh. Sandy and the Newport Group? All of those scenes… Bullshit. How about some Sandy and Kirsten from season one? Would’ve been nice to bring that back. We were forgiving you for Rebecca and Carter and you deliver that couple in season 3? Unacceptable. Thank God the last 2 episodes dealt with that. If forced to pick some season three I’d pick:

13. The End of Innocence

14. The Pot Stirrer

15. The Dawn Patrol

16. The Man of the Year

17. The Graduates

Then came season four. Sadly, I don’t share the love for the season like others do. I didn’t hate it, but it still wasn’t season 1. The Cohens should’ve had more time together. Some kitchen scenes and mornings with the paper, coffee, bagels and witty banter. Kirsten was still pushed to the side. I did love all of the Julie and Kaitlin stuff. Who knew Little Coop was going to be so awesome? Taylor was great but got to be too much. I still wouldn’t give up those episodes. I’m glad we have the 16 of them. Just wish Frank didn’t play a part in them and then waste so much time on Frank/Bullit/Julie. Frank never made sense based on what we were always told about him and Julie could’ve had better stuff to deal with. The Case of the Two Franks? Ugh. That being said, it’s easier to actually find some episodes I can watch over and over again unlike the previous season. Although unlike season one favorites, most of the season 4 episodes have great parts but as a whole the episode isn’t perfect like season one.

18. The Avengers

19. The Gringos

20. The Cold Turkey. Kirsten had an important part! And the homeless showing up was pretty funny. Then the Ryan and Julie scene. Still makes me cry when I watch it.

21. The My Two Dads. Ryan calling Sandy his dad? Who doesn’t feel their heart smile when watching that? The end scene…Cohen family time on the couch watching meerkats because that’s what Kirsten wanted to watch. I love the Cohens. Even the stupid Seth and Summer wedding crap can’t ruin the episode.

22. The Night Moves

23. The End’s Not Near, It’s Here. Truth? Hated it. Hated. We all did. Later that night I re-watched it and finally cried and cried. The last maybe 15 minutes are wonderful. That’s what the episode should’ve been. About the Cohens and Ryan. I’ve re-watched that ending a handful of times. I still haven’t watched the Josh commentary. Just can’t bring myself to do it yet. Maybe this weekend I’ll do that. I never like when a family moves in a show. I want to know they are where they have always been so moving to Berkley and leaving that beautiful home was sad. And will always be sad. I just wanted them to close the door and somehow end it that way. But they didn’t. All of that Julie wedding/ Bullit and his sons/ Frank crap was not needed. They just needed the Cohens, Ryan and Coopers. But now I’m repeating myself. Way to go not showing Kirsten’s future when you showed everyone else’s! I just assume she opened that little art studio they mentioned in season one.

I will one day sit down and watch all of season four again. Perhaps I will appreciate it more. Maybe I won’t be so harsh when viewed a few years later. I’ll let you know when that happens.

I don’t know if anyone is still reading? But you must’ve been a fan too if you made it this far. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thanks to Josh, Stephanie, the cast and crew for such an awesome show. The first spec script I wrote was of The OC. And that’s because the characters were so fresh and real I could get into their heads. They were original and had such depth to them. Getting to play around with them for a while made me realize that’s the kind of story I want to tell. Almost forgot, the music, including the season one score which returned in the series finale, was always perfect.

I can only hope that one day someone feels that way about a show I write for. I got to meet Josh once at the Tribeca Film Festival. Even have a picture with him which is framed. Yes, I’d stalk him if not for the 3,000 miles separating us! I got to tell him I love the show, but that was pretty much it. I was almost speechless. He was really cool and not even rushing me, but I just couldn’t think of anything else to say. That’s obviously not me under normal circumstances. Hopefully one day I get to sit down and talk with him. Pick his brain about the show. As if he doesn’t get that enough.

Final exchange between Seth and Ryan - “At least I leave you funnier than when I found you,” Seth says. “I’m a lot better off than when you found me,” Ryan says. “Me too,” Seth says. Aren’t we all better off, Seth? Aren’t we all?

And one more thing…we used to all watch the show together during lunch at work. Those memories are just as important and I cherish them--Friday lunches in the conference room, assigned seating, ordering Italian or Thai, even the occasional breakfast viewing (and I hate getting up early let alone arriving that early to work!), the special cakes, cookies and parties and the list goes on. We’ve yet to find a show to take The OC’s place. We’ve tried but nothing has that great mix of humor and drama. I suppose I’ll just have to go and create it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

But does it have heart?

Say it isn't so! Tonight will be the last episode of Cashmere Mafia. What will the co-workers and I watch during lunch on Thursdays? All other (good) comedies are still in repeats due to the recently ended strike. Wait? Cashmere isn't a comedy? Stop. The laughter in the conference room does not even hint at it being a drama. Ah well. I have two on the dvr from last week and tonight's. I'm going to watch them back to back. The dialogue never fails in making me believe that I just might get a job writing for a TV show one day. I'm not saying my writing sucks because that would be career suicide. Before the career even gets started. If I don't believe my writing is quality why should I trust anyone else will? But I am saying shitty shows make me write more. They give me the I Can Do It feeling. It's current shows like Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters and The Closer, to name a few, that make me think I'm getting in way over my head. There are super talented people out there and who am I to think I can ever be at their level? So I say....bring on Cashmere Mafia. Cheer me up as I spend the next two "vacation" days finishing my spec script. Is it sad that I'm looking forward to my dentist appointment on Friday morning? And not just because I haven't had solid food in almost a week!

Speaking of quality shows, how about that Friday Night Lights?

I know I'm late in discussing the season (? please) finale, but I waited a bit to watch it. I gotta say, the second to last episode of the season was wonderful. Where the hell was that show all season? I don't want to blame the writers if the show doesn't get more episodes, but how did they think most of season two could even compare to season one? I'm all about giving them another chance. What does NBC have to lose? Or maybe they want Deal or No Deal on for, say two hours, every night? The least they can do is give the fans closure. That finale left a lot of things open.

While I'm ranting...Brothers & Sisters. I've been re-watching season one to get the character voices down. Still not sure I picked the right show to spec, but I'm going to give it a little more time because I can hear most of the characters in my head. I'm not crazy. When I can hear the voices than I know I'm doing ok. Right. That sounds sane. My point? Season one was very good. They were able to mix light and heavy. It seems as though this season has lost some of the lighter elements and stories. And to air an episode with about 5 minutes of Calista/Kitty shows how important she is to the show; I missed her. Or maybe taking out Kitty and deciding to focus on Kevin and Tommy is what doesn't work. I thought I was alone in my thinking and welcomed discussion from co-workers or really anyone who watches the show. It's just I see my co-workers more than I see anyone else. Good thing they are swell people! And we work in TV research so it's part of the job to discuss shows. A fellow worker and B&S fan felt the same way I felt. He isn't as fast to credit the lack of Calista/Kitty for the decline in that one episode, but he knows he doesn't like the current stories for some of the other characters. Today he said something that made me sad. I said, maybe they need to re-watch season one themselves and see where they took this bad turn? He said, "Last year it was new. All of it. That's why we loved it." Then he left for the staff meeting leaving me to yell from inside my cubicle...but no. I still love it. We have to have hope. However, I'm getting tired of a good season, a shitty season, a good's a terrible cycle that shows seem to be getting themselves into. My beloved OC was a victim. While it was nice to learn that FOX played a hand in frucking that up, it didn't help me as a viewer accept the suckyness.

Tomorrow brings a new episode of Lipstick Jungle. Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm thinking maybe it can get better if they are given a second season? Sometimes first seasons aren't so great because they are so new. We the viewers have so much to learn. Ha, so now I'm kind of saying it's ok to suck and then be good. Being great right out of the box makes it harder to consistently be great. That's why I'm going to be a mediocre writer. Lower the expectations now and shock them later! My new way of writing. Really though. At least the ladies on Lipstick Jungle can make me care a bit about them.

A last thought... which TV families/characters did or do you care about? For me, the Cohens (+Ryan) will always be at the top top top of the list. Along with Julie Cooper-Nichol. Heck, I even cared for Jimmy Cooper before they killed his character.
Also, the Taylors, Walkers, Gilmores...the list goes on. Give me a TV character I can care about and be emotionally connected to and I'll be your truest fan. TV with heart. That's all I ask for.

PS- I know I complimented the B&S writers and then two paragraphs later took it away. The thing is I think there's still a lot of good to the show. It's still appointment viewing. I still care about the Walkers and all they are going through each week. I just long for more episodes like Game Night in season one. Die Kitty Die. Remember? Charades. It was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but Kevin was pissed at Kitty and that was his guess. Find that episode and fall in love with Brothers & Sisters.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beware the deep end!

I'm not sure why this popped into my head today, but it did. When I was about 6 or 7 I loved the ball pit at Chuck e Cheese's. Loved it. At least, that's what I say. Truth is I'm not so sure how I felt about it. I recall one time (the time that shaped all future ball pit adventures) standing on the edge ready to jump in when my sister shouted, "Don't go in the middle or you will drown." Say what? Plastic balls in a dry pit, I know. But she was my older sister and therefore wiser? But I couldn't not jump because she was right there in the middle with some friends. I was too cool or too stupid to let a silly thing like drowning get in the way. If I knew the word crap I'm sure I whispered it before taking the leap. All I can remember is trying to get above the balls and to the side as fast as I could. I turned back to show my sister that I was still alive. Look at me! Yeah, she was already off to the corner not even caring about me. Nice. Who would've saved me? And had she been joking why didn't she wait to see the end of the joke? Didn't she assume I would've freaked out tossing plastic balls all over the place trying to get to the side? Because that is how it panned out.

Now, if I want to be all philosophical about it or as Emilio said to Louanne Johnson in Dangerous Minds, "Oh what now you're trying to psychologize me?" maybe I would link that fear of jumping in and drowning to writing. Trying a whole new career without knowing what the end will be but trusting that I will make it ok on my own.

But eh, I'm not that deep. I probably thought of the ball pit because my nephew mentioned Chuck E Cheese's as a possible birthday party location next October. Gotta love a kid that pre plans so far in advance!

Almost the end of February and no snow. Did I just jinx the whole thing? Apologies if we are all digging out of 4 feet of snow this weekend. Could be worse...could be digging through plastic balls:)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Late Night with Keith....Urban

Hey y'all! This will be brief because I'm not sure how many sentences I can even string together before they stop making sense. I went to Keith Urban's concert at MSG last night. He's co-touring with Carrie Underwood. After Carrie's set was done (and she was quite good) the woman in front of me left to later come back with what I thought was a cup of coffee in hand. I was thrilled and wanted to get a cup. I was about to ask the 48-51ish aged woman where she got it when I realized....she was drinking beer. I know. So sad on my part. I bowed my head in shame. I was going to get a cup after the concert, but realized 11:40 is too late for coffee. I would've been up all night.

The real question....when did I become so uncool? (An answer is not really needed) I can only hope that if she had a glass of wine I would've been excited. I know I'm a wine girl and not a beer girl. That must be it.

Oh and Keith? AWESOME. He's by far my favorite male country artist. Friggin Awesome. Totally worth the headache I have today. I mean really, must the sound be that loud? ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How do you Netflix Queue?

First thing first…. Who are the Jonas Brothers? Are they Hanson 2.0?

I recently went Netflix carazy and added a bunch of movies to my queue. This was mostly due to the writer’s strike finally hitting primetime, and hitting it hard. I don’t do reality so I was screwed. Ok I do some reality, but I was taking a stand. A well done scripted show can kick any reality show’s ass. Most poorly done scripted shows can do the same. But what to do for the next few months? Reading has been fun, but what if I kept the TV turned off? Would I pass on scripted TV for a novel? Would I finally read….Harry Potter?? Would I never return to TV?! I kid. Of course I would. I know eventually the strike will end bringing back all of my favorite TV shows and friends. So for now, I’m taking advantage of the strike and watching movies. Or I thought that was my new plan. The fact that my Netflix plan is 4 a month/ 2 at a time was overlooked. I suppose after viewing 4 movies and not receiving more I’d realize the kink in my plan. It’s all good because I didn’t get that far into the plan.

I made the mistake of selecting disc 1 of season two of The Closer when I really wanted season one. Ugh. I returned it and only had one rental left which would become season one disc 1. While waiting for the movie to arrive I played around with my queue. Time to bump all season 1 of The Closer to the top. And yes, I know The Closer is a TV show…I’m simply easing into this strike contingency plan. I decided to add The Red Balloon to the queue. Based on that selection I received some “you might like this” recommendations. In an attempt to make a long story short, I can only imagine my mood when I started accepting their recommendations. The list: A Mighty Heart, The Ultimate Gift, Divided We Fall, Children of Heaven, The Chorus and Nowhere in Africa. I think some of those movies have subtitles? I must’ve been on some strong allergy meds, which for me would be Claritin-D. The movies before the new ones: The TV Set, RV, Gone Baby Gone, I Could Never Be Your Woman, Fun With Dick and Jane and Once. The most random movie was The Towering Inferno. So who knows if I’ll move movies around or attempt to get through the current queue? The end of last week was the start of the next cycle and I’ve yet to upgrade to unlimited rentals. I did receive and watch “I’m Reed Fish.” It put me to sleep. I wasn’t tired. Explain that?! It was supposed to be about a small town guy whose high school sweetheart comes back to town and messes up his engagement to the current town sweetheart. Yeah yeah the story has been done before, but I’m a sucker for that plot and romantic comedies in general. However this was neither romantic nor comedic. Go figure.

Some good news….the strike appears to be coming to an end. Whoo hoo! Hopefully the writers are getting what they deserve. From what I’ve read, the strike was worth it. Voting to approve the new contract takes place today and writers might be back at work tomorrow. And then we get new episodes of some shows in April. Bring ‘em on! I’m guessing there will be a lot of clip shows appearing soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

LMN, anyone?

I’d like for everyone to please stand up. You too, back there in the corner. Thanks. All of you, who are able to get The Lifetime Movie Network, please sit down. That’s right…I’m still standing. WTF? Why is it so impossible for Cablevision to add this network? They already include the regular Lifetime channel in one of their overpriced packages. Yes, I’d pay more for LMN. This week alone I’ve missed – “The Man With Three Wives” (and you know how I love a good polygamy story), “’Til Lies Do Us Part,” “Love Thy Neighbor” and tonight I’m missing “She Woke Up Pregnant.” Which if I recall, and I don’t mean to give anything away, but the dentist did it. Sick, I know. That’s why I have a female dentist.

Earlier in the week, “Those She Left Behind” aired. Joanna Kerns starred in the 1989 made-for-TV movie. Ironically enough, she was also in “The Man With Three Wives.” But back to TSLB…. if I’m correct, Gary Cole (“Office Space” – Bill Lumbergh!) and Mary Page Keller (Life Goes On) were married, had a baby, the mom died during childbirth, dad has to raise baby, can’t handle it, gives her up for adoption, family is pissed, dad has a change of heart, wants baby back, in the end he gets the baby back. I remember the final scene, which is a bit fuzzy in the brain, but Joanna Kerns (friend of the father) is outside the father’s house with him when he notices the car in his driveway has a license plate that reads ‘from Katie’ or something heart tugging like that. Oh, the baby was named Katie. I don’t know if Joanna Kerns bought him the car or what the deal was, but that movie is never played on the regular Lifetime. Not in the last decade anyway. It makes me sad to think of what else I’m missing. All of those wonderful Saved By the Bell/90210 actor made-for-tv movies…are they on LMN? Valerie Bertinelli, Markie Post, Gerald ‘Major Dad’ McRaney, Nancy McKeon, Veronica Hammel, Barry Bostwick…..and so many more.

I’m going to e-mail Cablevision again. They said it wouldn’t work with GAC (Great American Country), but I suppose they got tired of my emails because that channel was recently added. I will fight the good fight and I will not rest until I can do so on my couch with a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and LMN on my TV screen.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dentures or Implants?

(dental implants, pervs) I'm so sick of problems with my teeth. I brush them, I drink a lot of water and I do my best at staying away from soda and drinks made from sugar. I haven't had a pixie stick in years. I'd love a cherry pixie stick right about now. I could go for the boost in energy. But sugar is bad for teeth so I limit the amount. So then why are my teeth in such bad shape? Argh. This is why I'm considering having them all removed and replaced with dentures or implants. Implants are tres pricey, but the cost of Fixodent will eventually catch up, yes? No? Oh well, I just scheduled another appointment with my dentist (she's totally my new bff) so I'll stop complaining for a bit. And I suppose I'll floss more regularly. Sigh.

Speaking of candy....has anyone tried to eat a roll of Sweet Tarts lately? I tried a few years back and the package lasted for at least a full week. Just sitting right there on my desk for me to snack on whenever I wanted. No adult around telling me to save some for later or share with your sister or save room for dinner. How could Sweet Tarts ruin dinner?? I eventually threw the uneaten Tarts that remained into the garbage. I discovered- 1 Tart is nice, 2 Tarts and they get tarty, 3 Tarts and I get sick. Then dinner is in fact ruined as is every other meal that was to come after the Tarts. As a kid I can recall walking to the candy store with my sister Katie and friends and when we finally decided the candy of choice we'd pay, open it and usually have it eaten before we returned home. My mom used to ask us how we ate those things?? But mom they are sooooo goood! And now, I wonder how we ever ate them, too. I was also shocked to discover that same candy store charged 80cents for the candy. It was only 50 cents when I was a kid. Next thing we know gas will be like, $3.23 a gallon and once again we'll be walking to the stores.

Now for something more random than dental implants and candy blogs....
Greek. That would be the ABC Family TV Show. Does anyone watch? It's so so very good. If you went to a college with a Greek system it just makes the viewing process that much funnier. The second season starts March 24th while the first season DVDs come out on March 18th. I suggest you Netflix them if ABC Fam doesn't run a marathon. You seriously will not be disappointed. Fear not your age- it's for us out of college "kids" as well as those in college. The season finale set a record for the network- the most watched episode of an original series on the cable net among 18-34 year olds. See, we fit in there! Geek revolves around a freshman geeky guy in college who decides to pledge a fraternity. His sister attends the same school, is in a popular sorority and is way cooler than her younger bro. As the official website states, the show "focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system." It's very funny, well written and well acted. I give it lots of "snaps."

Thanks for reading.
The Tuesday work day is half gone. yay!

Friday, February 1, 2008

What's your fun day?

The Bangles called Sunday their "funday" and even as a kid bopping around to that in Monday morning gym class I knew that was wrong. Friday and Saturday- those are the fun days. No work the next day. Sunday means chores and errands and running around. Although I suppose this Sunday will be a fun day. This could be the first year I pay attention to the actual game part of the super bowl and not the commercials. Go Blue!

That will have to end this blog. I'm headed to The Palace to meet some friends for drinks. Does The Palace mean anything to anyone? Not a palace palace. How's that for a hint? Ok, perhaps one should think TV. I mean this is Carolyn blogging!

Enjoy Friday night Funday!!