Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My DVR Hates Tuesday Nights

Who knew, the Tuesday night two weeks before the start of the season would cause scheduling conflicts for my DVR? FOX, CW and ABC Family are all new tonight. It’s only going to get worse when CBS, NBC and ABC shows return with new seasons. Although NBC and ABC might not present (more) conflicts on Tuesday night (Dancing, yawn). I’ll have to wipe the dust off of my DVR and show it some love. Yes, I know it’s an inanimate object.

I’m not sure “Fringe” is a show I’m going to like given that it’s part of a genre I don’t gravitate towards (sci-fi), but it’s JJ Abrams so I’ll give it a shot. And hey, I might not have been a fan of Dawson’s Creek, but I can totally get down with Joshua Jackson as the lead in this show. He’s looking good in the promos. A little eye candy never hurt a show!

I am sure “90210” is a show I’ll be watching live. Okay, not live live, but I’ll start it at 8:15 and be done by 9. I liked last week’s episode and I’m hoping for more Brenda this week. I don’t think it’s great TV, not by a long shot. It is however a very good nighttime soap. Funny thing, I get the feeling that they don’t realize they are a soap? They need to accept it and roll with it. Maybe not go all Melrose-blowing-up-apartment-complexes- crazy, but embrace your genre. They were #7 in Adults 18-34 last week and the #1 scripted program in that same genre. Let’s see if they can maintain that position going up against “Fringe” tonight.

“Greek” is on the DVR list, too. How awesome is that show? Dale should’ve been allowed to be a cheerleader! The jokes are so fresh and rich in pop culture. It reminds me of “The OC” in that way.

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but here goes….I will DVR and probably watch “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” tonight. That’s the worst part. I don’t want to read anything about it tomorrow and be spoiled. And really, what’s to spoil? Amy is already pregnant. I’m ashamed to say I spent last weekend watching every episode. It’s a terrible show. And yet. I can’t stop. It’s like crack.

And now, I saved the best for last – “Privileged.” From the previews it might look like the same rich spoiled CW brats we’ve become accustomed to (and love), but it’s really different. I Promise. The original pilot was a show with heart, humor and a likable protagonist. I know changes have been made to that pilot, but I still have high hopes for this one. The grandma was recast with Ann Archer and I think it was a very good move. Ann Archer is going to own the role. The lead, Megan, is portrayed by Joanna Garcia (Cheyenne from “Reba”). She’s really great in the role of a recent Yale graduate with loads of student loans who just wants to be a journalist, but is finding it difficult to land that job/career. She gets fired from a tabloid and thru a series of very-fortunate-this-can-only-happen-on-TV-events; she ends up as the very well paid tutor of Palm Beach twins. Their grandma wants them both to get into Duke. If Megan can make that happen Grandma will pay her student loans. These twins happen to be socialites who couldn’t care less about school work. Drama ensues! Really though, it’s a good show. You might not think that if you read Robert Bianco’s review in the USA Today, and we’re all free to have our own opinions, but he needs to realize he’s not even remotely close to the demo the show is intended for. He can pass that info over to his buddy Tom Shales at the Washington Post.

Rina Mimoun, creator of the show, said this about “Privileged” – “What if the Gilmore Girls were teaching the Gossip Girls?” She went on to say, “What I loved about the 'Gilmore Girls' was the (upbeat) tone. And there was this tremendous sense of heart and this fantastic mother-daughter relationship that I think made it very accessible, not just for the teenagers, but for families to watch it together. I think that's really what we're sort of hoping to do on this show is kind of tap into that vein again."**

So there you have it. Too much TV and so little time to watch all of it. God Bless the DVR.
**Deseret News – Scott D. Pierce

Promising "Privileged" recalls "Gilmore Girls"


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