Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pilot Casting (actress)

Sometimes I feel like blogging is just me talking out loud…to me. Which is nice. I so rarely disagree with myself. Usually, I find me to be quite witty and smart; occasionally a bit moody if I haven’t had enough sleep. Not brain surgeon smart, but other kinds of smart. Seriously, brain surgery? Why would anyone even want to? But God bless those who do!

Today I’ve decided to share the conversation that’s been in my head the past few days. No not the one about resolving the feud between LC and Spencer & Heidi (please, finding a way to get the price of a barrel of oil under $100 would be easier!) This conversation of course relates to television. Hey, I’m paid to work in the medium so I figure any time spent thinking about it is just going to help further my career. Riiight. So. The dialogue in my head is about pilot season - shows picked up and the casting being done. Recently I caught the Hallmark Movie “Daniel’s Daughter” starring Laura Leighton. Yes, that Laura Leighton – Sydney Andrews from Melrose Place. Back to “Daniel’s Daughter,” she was really good in the movie where she portrayed a woman, Cate Madighan, whose father passes away and she must go back to her small hometown to deal with his requests. I’d tell more about the movie, but that can totally be its own blog entry one day. For now, I’ll let the focus remain on Laura Leighton. This weekend I caught the Lifetime Movie “Love Notes” which she starred in as a successful classical music critic who gets pregnant after a one night stand with a country singer. I was again impressed by her acting. I imdb’d and learned that Laura Leighton has popped up as a guest star on a few series dramas the past two seasons – Boston Legal, Shark, Law & Order: SVU, CSI: Miami (even co starred in “Eyes” on ABC a few years back).

All of that being said, she’s my pick for an actress who should be grabbed for a pilot being made right now. I know they haven’t all been cast (many are still presentations as I type) so for all of the casting people reading this blog….sign her up! Oh wait, no casting people read this blog? Ah well, hopefully someone gets her to sign on for something. She stands out in all of the recent stuff she’s done and when she's the star, she proves she deserves the role. If TV movies aren’t your thing, watch her 2-part Boston Legal episode if you need reassurance. And I for one get a kick out of Sydney when I watch the Melrose repeats over the weekend.

Tomorrow, the actor I feel should be attached to a pilot for next season.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Brothers & Sisters

Spoilers below!

Rebecca is not a Walker. All of us saw this coming, but that doesn't make it suck any less. We spend how many episodes trying to accept Rebecca as a Walker, only to come to really love her as a Walker, even if she's only half Walker, to be told she's not a Walker? WHO thought this was a good idea?? I want names! And addresses so I can send dead roses or something haunting like that. The whole Justin crushing on Rebecca is disturbing because he still thinks she's his sister. To quote a line from "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," "You can love your pets, just don't love your pets." Know what I'm saying?

If you missed it, Rebecca's paternity test proved David is her father and not William Walker. Emily VanCamp was amazing in her scenes. She confronted David and fell apart as she told him she fell in love with the Walkers. Awe Rebecca, you're only human. As messed up as they are, I too long to learn I'm a long lost sibling. Seriously though, Emily knocked it out of the park. At the charity event to raise money for pediatric aids and cancer research at the hospital (I think?), Rebecca tells Justin that William Walker is her dad. She lies. And you know what? Awesome. I'll accept that. Lie forever. But you know that can't happen. The truth will have to come out. While it will make for some kick ass scenes with Nora, Holly and the rest of the Walkers (can't wait for Sarah's reaction) I just wish it never has to happen. When Justin finds out he's gonna flip and whine and I say give him a beer or some strong meds. Kidding. I do know there's no way Justin and Rebecca should ever hook up. I repeat, it's disgusting. I've spent too much time believing they are siblings. And Justin needs to stop looking at Rebecca the way he looks at her. Creepy. Even the brothers pointed that out calling Rebecca Justin's girlfriend. I swear that scene on the beach when they called him out would've been funnier had we the viewer not seen it actually unfolding before our eyes.

There was some good stuff. Sarah drinking up a storm at the charity event. The boys surfing together. The brunch they were making for Nora. Kitchen scenes always rock. Robert was offered the spot as Vice President which had Kitty not so happy. She wants to be done with the campaigning and what-not. On one hand, I see her point -more time for their relationship and this baby they want to have. On the other foot, I see his point -this is his life, politics, and Kitty has known that since day one. This kind of drama makes me tense, but I can deal with it. I like it. It has nothing to do with incest. In the end, Robert turns down the offer because he really can't trust Taylor to listen to him; their ideas were too different when running against each other for the Republican nomination. Taylor stops Kitty to let her know Robert will forever see Kitty as the reason he didn't get to the White House. Kitty tells him off the best she can because she has enough to deal with. Kitty just learned that none of her embryos are good and she will need more rounds of hormone shots, tests and egg fertilization.

Saul makes that deal Graham wanted him to make with Ojai and Golden Plum. Sarah was against it and furious when she learned of the deal. She had a huge blow out with Saul and then a fight with Graham. After time to think, and a talk with Nora, she thought maybe she was too controlling and she needs to trust Saul and Graham. When she tells them this they inform her Golden Plum has gone bankrupt and now Ojai has to come up with 20 million dollars. I do believe we've been through this whole Ojai is going out of business thing before. Really, are the writers getting lazy?? They are seriously lucky they have amazing actors to sell these stories.

Kevin's live-in boyfriend Scotty got hurt at work, got stitches and a lovely medical bill thanks to the health care in this great country of ours. Kevin decides he and Scotty should file for domestic partnership so that Scotty can be covered by Kevin's benefits. Scotty is still holding out for a real traditional partnership and doubts Kevin is ready for that so for now they should wait a little longer.

I don't really know where the show goes from here. I fear they are actually going to bring Justin and Rebecca together and that makes me wonder how sick these writers are. Were they not disturbed by the Angelina and her brother's kiss at the Oscars a few years back?!

It's just sad that they've taken what I've loved and ripped it apart. I love good tv, especially a damn good drama, and the writers this season have ruined that good drama. I don't know if they can fix what they've done. I don't even know that they are owed a chance to do that, but I'll stay on board for the last couple of episodes this season. If only because the cast always blows me away each week.

Aunt Becky as Cindy Walsh?!

I wasn't going to watch the new 90210 because the "old" 90210 is still too fresh. Not to mention it's on SoapNet numerous times a day. Then I heard Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) was writing the pilot script and his ideas were being leaked online. Maybe just maybe I'd check it out. Ok, I shouldn't lie- I was going to check it out anyway, but maybe now I would go into it with more of an open mind. Then Rob Thomas backed out and new writers were put in place and once again, I was closing my mind. Sigh.

Today, TV Guide is reporting Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) has signed on to be the new Cindy Walsh. Clearly, she's no Carol Potter. Lori was really good on the rather bad "Summerland." It should be fun to see her in a role so different from the Full House character. As for her 90210 I won't say John Stamos. Ya know, Luke Perry is roughly the same age as Lori Loughlin. Just sayin'...... Ok, I think my vote is for Andrew Shue.

From TV Guide: Assuming CW doesn't veer too far from Rob Thomas' original vision — his pilot script is currently undergoing a rewrite by What About Brian's Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah — Loughlin, 43, will play Celia Mills, an ex-Olympic athlete who relocates to Beverly Hills with her husband (BH High's new principal) and two children. As first scooped by my frenemy at E!, Hilary Duff has been approached to play Loughlin's daughter, Annie.

Hilary Duff? All of this opening and closing of the mind has me reaching for the Motrin.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grey’s is back – Yes, you should tune in

I admit to never seeing the last few episodes of season three. I was pissed with almost every story being told. It’s rare that I won’t stick with a show. I think I was so burned by the latest trend of writers turning their backs on their shows that I wasn’t ready to wait for it to return to its glory days (which weren’t so long ago). I still feel as though it’s a load of bull for the writer to ask the viewers to trust him/her and the journey he/she is sending the characters on. If you have to plead with your viewers for their trust, you are (usually) making a mistake. We like the characters just the way they are. Sure, let them grow and evolve as people over time, but don’t go totally changing who they are. Friends was on for 10 years and Rachel was still spoiled in the end; she simply matured, which was right.

Back to Grey’s….I thought for a long, long time that Shonda Rhimes could do no wrong. I even wondered if Crossroads, starring Britney Spears, was so horrible because of the acting, but really had a good story in there…somewhere? I didn’t go back and watch again, so for now I’ll still rank it on par with Glitter. I love the writer’s blog for Grey’s and feel as though Shonda, her writing team and I would be awesome friends. They believe the characters are real, talk about them that way and with such passion. I longed to sit in that writer’s room and just listen. Then Shonda and the writers gave us season three and it got worse and worse. Everything just seemed off. Who were these people and where were my friends? The ferry crash and Meredith “dying” was the final straw. Don’t play with me like that. I knew Meredith wasn’t going to die so I felt manipulated. And in the end, there was no great pay off. Addison, a character whom I grew to love, was removed from the show. I’m sure I’m confusing the order of when things took place, but George and Callie getting married was stupid; too far out of character for both of them. The show was messy and I felt like it lost its heart.

Then for reasons unknown, I started to dvr season four. I didn’t love what I was seeing – George and Izzie still “going strong.” I couldn’t stand scenes with those two. It clearly wasn’t working. The mess was still there and no clean up in sight. But I still dvr’d and would tune in while folding clothes over the weekend. I discovered that I liked all of the scenes that had the male characters bonding. As the season progressed, Bailey’s story – dealing with her marriage, work, and being a mom - was getting better. Callie and Izzie had that awesome confrontation in the cafeteria which made me start to like them again. The heart and the humor of the show seemed to be (slowly) creeping back into the episodes. George, eh. Maybe he’ll win me over again. I can’t forget Meredith “dying” but I do want to see what will become of her relationship with McDreamy. Erica not being won over by McSteamy has made for some hilarious scenes. McSteamy is hotter than ever when he’s being turned down. Alex is a jerk again which is how I like my Alex. Christina has been consistent in my eyes (remember, I missed a few episodes last season.) Slowly but surely, the show was getting back to its roots – telling good stories each week and once again, I was caring about most, almost all, of the characters.

Tonight we get what Shonda is calling, “Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4, Part 2.” Five episodes that feel like “a separate season.” I read a TV Guide Guest Column (linked at the end) by Shonda which has restored my faith in her and the show. I trust in her ability to bring back the characters I have grown to love. I want Grey’s to once again be appointment television- turn the phone off, keep the laptop closed and let the laundry pile up! I don’t need crazy stunts and action like movie sequences. I like the drama between the characters. I love their personal struggles to succeed in their chosen profession while attempting to build a life outside of work which consists of friendships, building relationships and just surviving the day.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring, Johnson & Johnson and Kyle Chandler

There’s nothing better than 70+ degree weather and blue skies! Ok, if I want to find the negative, I will point out the lack of leaves on the trees. Perhaps make it personal and point out I’m stuck in a cubicle all day - sans windows, so who cares about outside? But nobody likes a Debbie Downer. So I sit, smile, daydream, venture out during lunch and also wait for cigarette breaks. No, I don’t smoke. However, a few years back I realized smokers get random 5-10 minutes breaks during the day. No questions asked. Having no desire to take up smoking I still wanted a plan to get in on this action. It was simple thanks to Starbucks popping up on every city corner. Once or twice a week around 3-ish, I’ll walk across the street, get some not really needed caffeine and take in some sun. I do come back to my cubicle happier and more productive because there’s more of a want to get out on time!

I don’t usually say, “You need to buy this!” but here goes….Johnson & Johnson makes a 2-in-1 moisturizer and shave lotion. I was a bit skeptical when I read in Self Magazine (or maybe Instyle?) that no additional moisturizer is needed. I don’t have dry skin, but what girl doesn’t like really soft and smooth skin and in one step? I gave it a try and holy heavens, it works. The extra bonus is there’s no country apple cucumber orange peel gardenia smell to it. The end of the day and my legs are still smooth. So head over to your local drug store and buy some. You won’t be disappointed. And as a girl who leaves no extra time in the morning, it’s nice to skip that extra moisturizer step.

Saving the best for last…Kyle Chandler. Today, Pop Candy included this link and now I’m including it in case anyone hasn’t stumbled across it yet. NPR interview with Kyle "Coach Taylor" Chandler.
FNL season two wasn’t great, lots of fumbles, but came yards to score big time in the end. That’s the best I can do with football metaphors! Yeah, they suck. But Kyle does not. So do like I did, plug headphones into the computer and work as you enjoy his voice in your ear :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Should I skip to the end?

I’m reading, “The Year of Fog” by Michelle Richmond. Many times I picked the book up from the “paperback favorites” table at Borders and something always made me put it back. I’d sigh and think, another day; something inside me knew I wouldn’t love the book. Perhaps my love of television movies made me finally break down and buy it (is that more than a guilty pleasure now that I discuss it so often?) The plot screams Movie of the Week and the casting has been done in my mind.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I finally purchased the book because I had a credit for Borders and the book was part of the “Buy 2 get 1 Free” deal. If I hated it, there’s still hope for the other book to be better and I can consider this book the free one. Hey, whatever makes ya feel better, right? The pot- A woman is walking along a beach in San Francisco with her 6 year-old soon to be step-daughter. She lets go of the child’s hand for a minute, or maybe two, and the child disappears. Due to the incredible fog in San Fran, it’s as if the child just vanished into the air. The story has become a tale about the struggle the woman goes thru trying to stay connected to her fiancĂ©, father of the missing girl, all while the search for the child continues to tear them apart. Did she have to let go of the child’s hand? Did he have to be away that weekend? Would it have happened had he been there that day on the beach? And so on and so on. At times, I find myself speeding thru the pages because the woman’s thoughts are told so well. Then suddenly the chapter becomes a new one, we’re in the past, changes again and we’re back in the present, and my wanting to even continue to read comes to a halt. There are 400 pages and I really think 200 and change would’ve been enough for this tale. I’m not an author, and I don’t plan on playing one on TV, but I bought the book therefore I get to judge the story. Or rather, the way it’s told. I must say, Jacquelyn Mitchard (“The Deep End of the Ocean”) told it better. Both stories are more about the people who lost the child and what that does to them. How do they cope? Have they changed? Did they ever really know each other before this horrible time in their lives? The characters in "The Year of Fog" are good, but something has me not 100% engaged.

The point? Should I just skip to the end? Find out if the child is found – dead, alive – never found? Sure, I’ve put down books and never went back to them, but just skipping to the end is foreign to me. Maybe if someone reading this has read the book they can accidentally e-mail and tell me the ending? That’s not cheating. Ah well, I’ll keep on reading. Only 226 pages to go. The start of the most recent chapter said it’s day 118. I suppose the title means by day 365 all is resolved? Ugh. Too bad it’s not, “The 6 Months of Fog.”

As for the tv casting - I'm thinking the "soon to be step-mom" who is last with the child should be played by Tiffani Thiessen. Younger than the description in the book, but a good fit.
Now, someone else read this book (or borrow my copy) and I'll share my other casting ideas!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is that….laughter?

Why, I do believe it is! Or at least, it will be. Tonight “30 Rock” and “The Office” are back with new episodes. It’s also supposed to hit 70 degrees here in NY today. All of this has the makings of a very good day.

I'm not sure what happened last on either show. TV Guide probably has a synopsis if you need a recap. I for one, am going to jump right in and I'm sure I'll remember where we last left off as soon as the new episode starts.

I've managed to find TV to watch during the last few months. I've become addicted to TLC's "My First Home." It also shows how the mortgage crisis came to be. That is not the purpose of the show, but watch the loans people get - no down payment, homes they really can't afford and not the best credit history, and you have to wonder how many people are still in those homes? You watch and you know they think, 'Sure in a few years when the interest soars I will be making more money and can afford it.' Only they can't. Sad, really. "Greek" on ABC Family started it's second season (or second half of the first season?) and it's just as good as the first batch of episodes that aired in the fall. I'm still watching "The Hills" but I'm nervous because I think the show is starting to lose it's flare. Maybe two episodes a night is just too much...The Hills overload? I also watched all episodes of "Miss Guided." I like Judy Greer so I hope the show gets a second season. It's not great, but it has potential and let's face it, many comedies don't even show that these days (I'm looking at you, "Cavemen"). The weekends are for fun viewing. I usually have an episode or two of "Supernanny," a few eps of "John & Kate Plus 8" and you know there's a Lifetime or Hallmark movie patiently waiting for me to push play. I tried watching "The Real Housewives of NYC," but wow- terrible! At least the ladies on "TRH of Orange County" were funny, even if that was never their intention. The NYC ladies are too catty and not likeable. I hit a real low when I started watching VH-1's "My Kid's a Star" hosted by Danny Bonaduce. Then got lower when I watched E!'s True Hollywood Story: The Kardashian Family. I'm not sure if watching "Girls Next Door" is a low, but it is entertaining. And last, but not least, I'm watching "Melrose Place." For some reason I've been waking up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am on Saturday morning. Discovering "Melrose" on SoapNet has been a blessing. It's followed by "90210" and we're still in the Brenda years. The clothes, music, hairstyles of the 90's- oh my! But more on that in another post.

I should point out that I do read and quite a bit, thanks to all the repeats these past few months, there was so much more time to do that. I was given lots of books earlier this month for my birthday and just picking which one to start next is always a fun dilemma. More to come this weekend on my recent literary adventures. In case you are looking for a book now..Jhumpa Lahiri's new book, short stories, was released this month. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy it this weekend. After "Melrose," of course!

Well, it's upfront season and work is calling my name. I really should've changed it after the first upfront season. Oy! But this is still the craziest and most fun time of the year. And this year, I got smart! I have a facial lined up for next weekend and possibly a massage (never had one, still wavering), a mani/pedi next Wednesday and a trip to the hair salon the week after. I was even able to get an appointment at Anastasia's brow salon (at a Sephora store) with my favorite "technician" during this Friday's lunch. I've strategically placed each relaxing event so it's taking place right when I need the break. Now let's just hope I'm able to keep all of these appointments!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the comedies tonight for tomorrow is finally Friday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If you are at work right now...

First, so cool that you're reading this while at work. You rebel, you! Yes, I'm posting while at work but it's lunch time. I'm safe. I think? Anyway.

Second, if you need some cubicle music, may I suggest Leona Lewis? AOL has a listening party for the full debut cd "Spirit." So far, so very very good. I know I spoke of Whitney in my last post oh-so-many weeks ago, but I need to speak of her again. I read reviews calling Leona the next Whitney and I tend to cringe when people say that. Everyone is their own person..blah blah. That being said, I realize the critics mean it as a very high compliment (no Whitney crack pun intended, heh).

So go ahead and listen. I really don't think you will be disappointed.