Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey there....Blog here often?

Clearly, I don't. But my sign is Aries, I like long walks on the boardwalk, Brothers & Sisters on my TV screen, twizzlers is my candy of choice and anything Marc Jacobs makes for a lovely present.

Apologies to those that read this blog. I promise to blog more often. Sleep won out last week. And some parties. Sometimes I'm cool. That's just the way I roll. I did watch most of the SAG Awards before my dvr cut out. Darn. Go Tina Fey!! And Alec Baldwin. Now if we could only get new episodes. Sadness. (Go WGA!)

I also saw Cloverfield (awe-some!), 27 Dresses (I'm no longer angry at Katherine Heigl. Very cute movie and James Marsden? Hello!!) and Beauty Shop. Ok, BS was on Lifetime, but was very funny.

As for TV- what happened to Cashmere Mafia? The first episode showed potential and then it just got bad. I say bring on Lipstick Jungle! I found the book at Barnes and Noble for all of 5 bucks. Awe yeah. It's a fun guilty pleasure type-o-read. So now I'm excited for the show. Although I think if I were to piece together all of the commercial NBC has been running I might be able to get the whole pilot episode ahead of time. They need to calm down a bit. Anyone still watching American Idol? I'm over it. Maybe I'll check back when they narrow it down some more. Now I will start to bullet the shows because that's always fun.

  • Lost. I borrowed season 1 from a friend. I'll dvr the season starting this week and by the time the summer ends I'll be all caught up with all seasons. Not sure if it will matter b/c 1- is it supposed to air in Sept or not again until midseason? and 2- if it is Sept, will it even be back on due to the strike (Go writers!)?
  • Dirty, Sexy, Money. When will we get the last 3 episodes? Love that show.
  • Friday Night Lights. The later half of the season is better. Much better. But why must every episode end with something so very dramatic? I get so nervous. I 'heart' the Taylors.
  • Gossip Girl Revealed. Who watched? OMG. The show is so good. The last episode was a decent finale episode, but I really want some more new episodes. ::sigh::
  • Grey's Anatomy. I'm so back in love with the show.

I will end the TV part there because I'm running low on time. I have plans to meet up with a super cool cousin for drinks and dinner and I don't want to be late! Gotta love that drinks goes before dinner! Hey, it's better than drinks for dinner ;)

Before I go...90210! I'm starting to get addicted to Saturday morning reruns. Just glad it starts early and I don't lose the better part of the day. Melrose Place is on, too. Just bring back Thirtysomething and I'll be in heaven.

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Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Podcasts…and they are free.

Who knew about this and more importantly why didn’t you tell me? You should be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed, capital A. I would tell you if I thought you didn’t know about something cool. Like Full House having a reunion movie this May? Ok, that’s not true (sorry to disappoint), but I think I got my point across. One shares news others would totally enjoy. Anywho, I recently discovered (on my own, ahem) that iTunes has a butt load of podcasts which happen to be free. They range from learning a foreign language (Hallo!) to podcasts with writers to podcasts about planting a garden to all things political and the list goes on and on. So go to iTunes, click podcasts and have a blast. Below I’ve noted some tips, complete with little stories, anecdotes if you will, that will help make the experience an enjoyable one:

1. If you are at work and have your headphones plugged directly into the hard drive, always make sure to remove said headphones from your ears before standing up and walking out of your cubicle. If you have an office, why are you using headphones? I was listening to a podcast with Tina Fey discussing the success of 30 Rock when I stood up and went to grab something from the printer and CRAP. I was still plugged in. The hard drive won by yanking the headphones from my ears. Ouch.

2. You control the podcast. That means you can play, pause and stop whenever you feel like it. So, if you’re say, I don’t know, totally engrossed in the tales of Aline Brosh McKenna discussing her adaptation of the book, The Devil Wears Prada, for the big screen, you can pause the podcast and go to the bathroom. Do not let a bladder infection take form while you worry about what you’ll miss. Just hit pause and upon your return hit play. And remember tip 1 before leaving the cubicle to begin the journey to the bathroom.

3. I don’t know that I have a third tip per se. But like Pheobe said on Friends, things are better when 3-fold. I suppose a 3 could be - don’t worry about your work suffering from the podcast. Take it from me. I have been able to get more work done and I believe it’s because I’m not getting up to chat with people and therefore wasting time. I have new friends right there in my ears. Lovely lovely conversations are taking place while I get my work done

Did anyone see “The Good Witch” on The Hallmark Channel? It was rather cute. It was Hallmark so to expect something profound like “And The Band Played On” is silly on the part of the viewer. Sometimes a movie is there for your entertainment. If you have a chance to see it go ahead and watch. It’s the perfect Saturday afternoon-cup of hot chocolate-wrapped in a blanket-on a couch-too cold to venture outside-kind of movie.

And one more thing, I’ve been re-watching Felicity. No it’s not back on WE, but I have the dvds. I’m only halfway thru season 1, but still a Noel girl. Ben is hott, but still scares me. I always chose Brandon over Dylan. Ok, Steve over both. Go ahead and judge. My point? I was never into the bad boys. Unless you’re a pseudo bad boy from Chino ;) Did anyone else pick Noel? Or were you all Ben girls?

It’s late and I need to get ready for bed. I do need to be alert tomorrow because it’s podcast German day! I’ll be bilingual in no time! And at no cost to me. Love it.

Again, sorry about the Full House thing.

Thanks for reading.
auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, January 21, 2008

And here it goes...

Thoughts #1. Today is Monday. That's pretty much all I've got! Seriously. So you're still reading because you think I'm kidding? Fine. I'll say more. I'm supposed to be writing today. Finishing a one hour script for TV. I'm always "finishing" a script. It's better than saying, "Yeah, I'm still staring at a blank screen. Day 44 of that." Using the word "finishing" makes people happy which makes me happy. But yeah. There's currently a black vertical line flashing at the top of the Final Draft page and it's mocking me. I could shut the laptop and yell, Ha sucka! I win, but ummm I kinda think I didn't win. I hate losing. So today, I write.

I started the day up at 6:43. Went back to sleep until 8ish. Watched some of The Today Show. Took a shower. I couldn't write with wet hair. I mean really, I could catch a cold. So I stayed in my room and read for a bit. Then turned the tv on. Rachel Ray was interviewing Chase aka Nate from Gossip Girl. Seeing as how I'm finishing a GG script it made sense to watch. Then I remembered I had an old episode of The View on my dvr with Blake and Penn, aka Serena and Dan, also from Gossip Girl. So yep, watched that too! Then I was ready!

I dried my hair, got together clothes, took them to the dry cleaner, went to the bank, went to Best Buy (bought a cooling fan for my computer, so ya see, these weren't time wasting things being done), stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and was then back home. Ready to write. Nope! I washed some grapes first. A nice healthy snack to grab while type type typing away. Finally sat in front of the computer and set up the cooling fan. It's very quiet which is nice. Then I checked TMZ, Perez and I like to mix it up. I checked TWOP (Television Without Pity), read the latest Yahoo News and now I'm here. I swear getting all of this done is not just a means of procrastination. But crap it's 1:15.

Ok, off to finish a script. As soon as I check the mail :)

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Enjoy your day.