Friday, August 22, 2008

The New York Television Festival

The Festival released the lineup for their Premiere Week screenings.

Friday, Sept. 12, 8:00 PM - ABC’s “Life on Mars”
Saturday, Sept. 13, 8:00 PM - FOX’s “Fringe”
Sunday, Sept. 14, 4:30 PM - CBS’s “Worst Week”
Sunday, Sept. 14, 7:30 PM - MRC & The CW’s “Easy Money”
Monday, Sept. 15, 8:00 PM - NBC’s “Life”
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 7:00 PM - HBO’s “The Life and Times of Tim”

I’m not sure I’d go out of my way on a weekend to view any of those shows. The only thing that might make me show up is JJ Abrams (Fringe). The producers and cast are scheduled to stick around after the screening for a Q&A session. The reason I’m not psyched and “so there” is due to the Q&A session. Are real people going to be asking questions or will there be a moderator tossing the questions out there and moving the night along? I am not a fan of “real people” questions. The many times I’ve been to the Paley Center to attend a panel discussion there have been questions at the end that are ridiculous. They are usually asked by super fans. Example, the panel could be “Writing the TV Drama.” There’s a 45-60 minute awesome discussion with Shonda Rhimes about creating characters, process of telling the story, getting it on paper, blah blah. Usually some cast members, if not all, are on stage as well. The conversation is witty, engaging and flows. Then they open the floor for what I call real people questions and it all goes down hill, fast. “Shonda, hi. I LUV your show but this question is for Meredith. I mean Ellen. tee-hee. Soo who do you like kissing more?? McSteamy or McDreamy.”

Seriously? You came to a panel called “Writing The TV Drama” and that’s your question? Then someone else will ask something equally stupid and not on topic (“In season 3, episode 6 at the 23:34 mark, Izzie sneezed but George didn’t say ‘bless you.’ Why did you do that? Was that because George secretly wants Izzie to die?”). Those people should be smacked upside the head. I will need to check out the NY TV Festival’s site some more before buying tickets. I can’t handle dumb waste of time questions. I get embarrassed for the person asking the question!

Speaking of The Museum of TV & Radio (Paley Center), they have announced their 2008-2009 pilot screenings, too. I went to some last year. They don’t have panel discussions following the screenings, but it’s fun if you want to see a show before the broadcast premiere. Bonus, their screenings are free. Extra bonus, last year they served wine and cheese.

You should check out the TV Festival’s site if you are from NY or the NY area. It’s rare that we get television events in NY. I’m contemplating attending “The Future of Drama Development.” The panel time is still “TBA,” but it takes place on Monday, September 15th – Industry Day. The day opens with a panel of industry leaders discussing the “Current State of TV Development.” It takes place in the afternoon of a work day which means I’ll need to take the day off. That seems like it could be a waste since I sit in an office where we discuss the current state of TV development rather frequently! You know what that means? It all comes down to cost and who else will take part in the panel discussions.

Dates: NY TV Festival: 9/12/08 - 9/17/08
Paley Screenings/Parties: 9/4/08 - 9/12/08
NY Television Festival
Paley Center for Media

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