Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret Teenager...a hit?

Stop it. How is that possible? I admit, I still have the last two episodes to watch, but another friend has been watching and claims it hasn't gotten any better. I'll further admit, I plan on watching both episodes. It's just I got caught up in Burn Notice. People have been telling me how awesome it is and I've been spending my time catching up because they were right. Seriously, great show. I watched most of season one online during lunch for a few days. Then I made sure to dvr the USA marathon as well as the newest episodes and now I'm all caught up on that show. Love it.

Back to The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Per Variety, "'Secret' a teen dream" and a very big ratings success this summer.

In its fourth outing, the teen drama from Brenda Hampton surged to its best scores yet Tuesday while setting some network series records in key female demos. Boosted by a huge tune-in among female teens, it also drew, for example, a larger overall audience than CW did two months earlier for the season finale of "Gossip Girl."

I suppose I'll watch the two episodes and then try to figure it out.
I wonder if the female teens are fans of Zoey 101, Hannah Montana and the like? Very new teens who were tweens during those Nick/Disney shows first few seasons. I can see them getting into this show. I once tried to watch Zoey and Hannah and just couldn't get thru them. Hannah was worse. Tweens eat that kind of tv up. It's so different from what I loved as a kid. Saved by the Bell was good tv. Would they think so? The new tween shows are very loud, bright and in your face. Not that "Secret" is the same, but if the tweens are growing up, "Secret" is the next step in tv viewing. Just my rough draft of thoughts spilled out into a blog.

Variety's story also mentions Tori & Dean hit a series high the other night. Ok, confession time. That's a guilty pleasure show for me. BUT don't try to watch it with other people...say your mom and grandma. The episode with Tori in NYC during her book tour was on and I was all, "It's an ok show, really. Just accept it for the fun it is. Nothing serious." They disagreed. Even I had to agree that Tori was very whiny. My defense "yeah, she's always like that, it's her" didn't make them change their opinion on the show. I think their opinion of me was changing so off went the show.

'Secret' a teen dream -- Variety

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